NameSecurity accreditationsNature & PurposeGeographical LocationEncryption at restGDPR CompliantStores personal dataStores special category dataPerson / team who can view dataEncryption in transit
Healthtech 1 controls access to the infrastructure that we use to store and process the data on the platform. We use Microsoft Azure's secure cloud hosting service to securely store and process patient data. The Azure regions used are exclusively located in the UK, for both live, test and backup environments.
UK 🇬🇧
Yes ✅AES-256
For Microsoft’s Online Services (e.g. Office 365, Azure, Dynamics), normal operations are managed without access by Microsoft personnel. In some cases, support, troubleshooting, or service maintenance requirements (triggered by Healthtech-1) may require Microsoft personnel to access the customer’s data.
Yes ✅TLS 1.2
Healthtech 1 enables users to send SMS messages to patients. We use third party gateways for the delivery of those SMS messages. They provide APIs that the Healthtech 1 server uses to send these messages. We don’t deliberately store data in this location but through processing of data and sending text messages, Twilio keep logs for 30 days.
US 🇺🇸
Yes ✅AES-256
YesData Processing Addendum
We do not provide such granular detail on the information requested for security reasons. You can learn more about Twilio's GDPR compliance at  r, or view our Data Protection Addendum, , or Privacy Notice for additional information.
Yes ✅TLS 1.2 is an email campaign service provider used within Healthtech 1 to send to communicate to with Patients on behalf of practices.
Belgium 🇧🇪
Yes ✅HTTPSEncrypted at rest
YesData Processing Addendum employees cannot access your account, workspaces, or the data you store in
Yes ✅128-bit SSLHTTPS
Postmark is an email delivery service provider used within Healthtech 1 to send notification emails to practices.
US 🇺🇸
Yes ✅2048-bit RSA
Data Processing AddendumYes
Yes ✅256-bit SSL