Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Nature & Purpose
Healthtech 1 controls access to the infrastructure that we use to store and process the data on the platform. We use Microsoft Azure's secure cloud hosting service to securely store and process patient data. The Azure regions used are exclusively located in the UK, for both live, test and backup environments.
Encryption at rest
Yes โœ…AES-256
Encryption in transit
Yes โœ…TLS 1.2
GDPR Compliant
Geographical Location
UK ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง
Person / team who can view data
For Microsoftโ€™s Online Services (e.g. Office 365, Azure, Dynamics), normal operations are managed without access by Microsoft personnel. In some cases, support, troubleshooting, or service maintenance requirements (triggered by Healthtech-1) may require Microsoft personnel to access the customerโ€™s data.
Stores personal data
Stores special category data


Encryption at rest:

Microsoft Professional Services - Data Access Summary (2020).pdf

Microsoft Professional Services - Data Access Summary (2020).pdf144.0KB