Patient Registrations

Supplier Name (IT Only)
Healthtech 1 gathers this information from the patient.
Contract End Date (If applicable, IT Only)
Contract Location (IT Only)
Contract Start Date (IT Only)
November 1, 2021
Date IA issued (if applicable)
November 1, 2021
Date IA returned
Date of last audit
October 18, 2021
Do you receive it from someone outside your organisation or share it externally?
No, we recieve this directly from the patient.
Has there been a breach since last audit?
If breach since last audit, have all action items been completed?
Azure Cloud in UK South Servers
Pete ๐Ÿงช twenty--twenty
Risks if there is a breach
Demographic and medical details can be associated with a patient that could be used to access other sources of information. Service users' highly personal records would be seen. This could cause upset to service users, reputational damage to the company, and breach data protection legislation. The company could be fined or other pernalties could be imposed.
Shared Externally? If so, is the Process Included on the ROPA?
Special Category Data?
Yes, Ethnicity and Sexual Orientation, for practice's population understanding.
What information is kept here, why?
Patient demographic and medical information is collected, stored and used in order to be able to register a patient for our customers, GP practices.
What security measures have been put into place
This is in our own secure systems. We store this data in a secure cloud built in a safe software architecture. We restrict access and controls to only those need access to this information. We adhere to national security guidance and Cyber Security Essentials. We have annual 3rd party assessments of our software.